CoolSculpting Marketing for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

As the buzz for CoolSculpting continues to heat up, plastic surgery, cosmetic, aesthetic and medical spa practices around the country are purchasing CoolSculpting machines to grow their business. Investing in a new CoolSculpting machine is exciting, but it is only the first step. The next, arguably more important step, is taking the time and energy to execute a strong CoolSculpting marketing plan. Without one, your new device may easily turn into an expensive dust collector.

At GrowthMed, we’ve helped practices across the country market their CoolSculpting services, with dozens achieving Diamond Crystal designation by CoolSculpting. Diamond Crystal Level practices perform on average at least 250 CoolSculpting cycles monthly!

Over the years, we’ve noticed certain pitfalls that many practices may easily fall into that can leave them floundering. With more than seven million cycles performed each year and an overwhelming patient satisfaction rating, CoolSculpting patients are easily within reach.

Below are the top tips for developing a successful CoolSculpting Marketing plan.

Developing Your CoolSculpting Marketing Plan

If your practice is considering purchasing a CoolSculpting machine or already has one, developing a clear marketing plan will help elevate your practice above the competition.

One of the most common challenges faced by plastic surgery practices is simply where to begin with their marketing. Offices can sink huge amounts of time and money obtaining the latest technologies and training staff but without a well-conceived and dedicated plan.

As Zeltiq’s marketing efforts pay off, CoolSculpting awareness increases nationally and locally, closing the gap with established treatments such as Botox. There are already many factors you can take advantage of within your practice to get your marketing plan off to a strong start.

Do you already offer other minimally-invasive or non-invasive body sculpting treatments?

If you do, then your current clients and patients are a great place to start. One of the most important aspects of marketing is trust, which is stronger with patients who have already engaged with you and your staff. You and your staff already possess priceless knowledge about the goals and needs of your clients. Amongst more than 30 million CoolSculpting inquiries nationwide, many are amongst your existing clientele.

With the explosion of digital advertising, traditional in-office handouts are a great way to stand out from the noise. Doubly, your face-to-face interaction with patients means you already have an established relationship, which serves as an ideal opportunity to market your new service.

Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Your Website

Chances are, you’ve already got a website, but are you utilizing it for its full potential? Building your brand is now more important than ever and, fortunately, it is also easier than ever when you have the right tools.

Your website is your practice’s calling card and the engine of your online presence. There are many tools you can take advantage of cheaply and quickly to market your CoolSculpting machine.

  • Do you know if your site has been optimized for speed?
  • Has your site been optimized for mobile and does it pass the mobile-friendly test?
  • Are your name, address and phone number consistent across your site and Google Business Listing?

Answering these questions is important for ensuring that your site is designed with a strong foundation.

Homepage Content

The beating heart of your website is its content.

Updating your website with CoolSculpting promotions is an essential step for an effective online marketing campaign. Not only are you providing prospective visitors with important information on CoolSculpting, but your homepage content also helps augment your brand’s authority. Quality site content is now more important than ever since Google’s recent algorithm changes. Copied and pasted articles, low-quality images, and poorly structured pages can severely hurt your rankings. In fact, even if your site contains large amounts of CoolSculpting content, if that content is not properly optimized, your efforts can be a waste.

CoolSculpting Before and After Photos

Before and after photos are one of the most consistently searched items. Prospective patients want to see what they are getting. Your site’s before and after photos can be optimized with a number of different techniques such as specifying CoolSculpting ALT tags for each image to let search engines know what the image shows. Naming the file of the image with the appropriate keywords related to the page the image is on is also an effective strategy.

Regular Blog Posting

Updating your site’s content and blog with fresh Coolsculpting information or promotions is like stepping on the gas pedal, but you must stay consistent! Regular posting is just as important as quality posting, which is hard work, but Google is certain to notice.

Your practice’s website content is ideally in-depth (about 1,500 words) and focused entirely on CoolSculpting.

It can be tempting to copy and paste existing content on the web or post a quick write-up of 200 words, but doing this will ensure your site is penalized.

Once your content is created and set to go live on your site, be sure the content is optimized for your location and the appropriate keywords. Additionally, you will want to ensure the page’s URL is optimized with your location and the keyword CoolSculpting. Most SEO specialists will know about keyword optimization but tend to ignore URL optimization.

CoolSculpting Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great strategy for direct outreach. Both fast and cheap, email marketing campaigns are generally better received by patients as opposed to more aggressive tactics such as phone calls.

Aesthetically pleasing design, clear messaging, including links to your homepage and high-quality photos are important to keep in mind when creating your email campaign.

One simple and easy strategy to give your email campaign an extra punch is coupons. Coupons, though they may sound like an old-fashioned idea, are easy, effective tools to market your new technology to your existing clientele.

Calls to action or CTAs will be more effective with offers that are enticing like event-only freebies. Punchy copy that makes your offers clear is ideal. For example, listing a deal such as “Buy One CoolSculpt Cycle, Get the 2nd 50% off” is better than 25% off CoolSculpting. The “50%” appears to be a better deal, but in actuality, they are the same discount.

Business Reviews

The most recent Google updates highlight the growing importance of online reviews. Even if your practice has a solid habit of getting patients to leave reviews, there are strategies that can give these vital reviews even more juice.

  • Create a short, easy-to-remember link for your Google Business Page.
  • Remind your patients to mention the specific service they received and which office they received it at.
  • For sites like RealSelf, be sure to regularly engage with the community by answering questions and inquiries about treatments relevant to your practice.

Whether it be for your new CoolSculpting device or any other service your practice offers, these strategies are proven to boost leads and bookings. For more plastic surgery marketing tips, feel free to contact us!

At GrowthMed, our experience, passion and expertise is at your service.

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