How To Recover From The Google Medic Update New Responsive Design by GrowthMed Medical Marketing Case Study: How We Turned an 84% Decrease Into A 782% Increase after the Google Medic Update. After Google Medic Update –84% decrease in traffic After GrowthMed Overhaul +782% increase in traffic TL;DR, like thousands of plastic surgery websites, was negatively impacted by the Google Medic Update. GrowthMed’s […]

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CoolSculpting Marketing for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

CoolSculpting Marketing SEO

As the buzz for CoolSculpting continues to heat up, plastic surgery, cosmetic, aesthetic and medical spa practices around the country are purchasing CoolSculpting machines to grow their business. Investing in a new CoolSculpting machine is exciting, but it is only the first step. The next, arguably more important step, is […]

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How Email Marketing Can Help Plastic Surgery Practices Boost Leads

Email marketing

When analyzed for cost-per-dollar value, email marketing campaigns are an incredible tool for any sized business. For plastic surgery practices and medical spas, an email marketing campaign is a fast, inexpensive, but also effective means of reaching large numbers of prospective and recurring clients. Whether you want to make a […]

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Why Local Seo Matters to Plastic Surgeons

Today, digital marketing is both a powerful and cost-effective tool for plastic surgery practices to build their brand. More than 70% of global desktop search traffic is performed on Google and nearly half of all Google searches are local, which paint a clear picture of the power of the importance […]

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Medical Marketing & Design For GrowthMed’s New Website

Medical Marketing & Website Design For GrowthMed

For any company offering online medical marketing and website design services, it’s critically important that your own website reflects the quality you are offering your clients. It should go without saying that in the eye of your potential clients your online presence directly relates to the aesthetics, technical skill, and […]

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New Google Panda v4.2 Algorithm Update

Google Panda Update

Google has finally released their latest Panda algorithm refresh (version 4.2) on July 17th, 2015. The previous Panda algorithm update (v4.1) was released 10 months ago on September 25, 2014. Since then, if your website was hit by this algorithm update and you have since updated your website to fix […]

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How To Change Site Name on Google Mobile Snippets

Google G Logo

Introduction On April 16th, 2015 Google updated their algorithms to now display a real-world name of the site instead of your domain name for the website. Here is the before and after of the results, notice the green line where the domain usually is, now displays a human readable name: […]

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How To Prepare For Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobile Optimized Website Example

Introduction Google rarely states specifically what is a ranking factor for their algorithm, so when they do, we definitely listen. Google announced that on April 21st, 2015, they will be making a change to how they rank websites for mobile users. They have also gone on record to say this […]

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