New Google Panda v4.2 Algorithm Update

Google has finally released their latest Panda algorithm refresh (version 4.2) on July 17th, 2015.

The previous Panda algorithm update (v4.1) was released 10 months ago on September 25, 2014. Since then, if your website was hit by this algorithm update and you have since updated your website to fix those issues (duplicate content, thin content, etc), you have been waiting anxiously for them to release an update to revitalize your web property. Well the time has finally come after months and months of waiting.


This new version is actually more of a refresh than an update, meaning it is still utilizing the same signals of what is considered good vs bad content, but the sites that it deems as being bad have had a chance to fix themselves and now the ones that have are no longer looked at as being bad should start to see more traffic coming their way, if they are a good result for the search queries they are targeting.

Difference From Previous Releases

A major difference between this update and previous Panda updates, is that this update is being released much slower. In fact, they have said it will take several months for it to fully be released, making it harder to see an immediate impact from this release. Usually you could see an immediate spike or decline in traffic after a release, because it was released over the course of a couple days vs months, but this time it will be a slow gradual change.

Future Releases

In the future they have said they will be incorporating Panda into their core algorithm and thus having it be a continuous roll out of this data (but still not real-time) vs having to wait for a refresh.

What Now

The same advice that Google provided back in 2011 on what counts as a high-quality site is as relevant as it was than if not more relevant and important now. If you haven’t already had a read over that list, please check it out. If your content adheres to that list, you are good to go, if not, you need to start fixing some things.

If you have any questions regarding your web property, please feel free to contact us anytime, we are always here to help.

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