Speed Enhancement Technology Puts Your Site on the Fast Track to Success!

You go to the mechanic for a tune-up. You visit the doctor for a check-up. So why haven’t you given your website its own pick-me-up? Speed enhancement technology empowers your business to analyze and amplify your online presence for optimal functionality. Simply put: the right strategy will help you race past the competition in your quest to be the best – the best in your field, the best in your city, and the best on the web.

Here at GrowthMed, we’re big fans of data. Facts and figures yield dollars and cents, so if you want to succeed in business, let the numbers be your guide. It all adds up!

  • E-commerce will rack up an estimated (and staggering) $3.45 trillion of business in the year 2019.
  • Even if you run a brick and mortar operation, your internet presence is essential. 56 cents of every dollar spent offline is influenced by an online source.
  • The average consumer spends five hours shopping online every week.
  • A mere 22% of businesses say they are happy with their current conversion rates.

Let’s put this data in context. People are already eager to spend their digital dough, but 78% of online entities are getting lost in the shuffle. Don’t be a statistic; partner with GrowthMed and let us drive your virtual traffic.

About Google’s New Speed Report 

Google recently updated their Search Console to add a Speed report that allows you to diagnose any obstacles on your stretch of the information superhighway. By identifying the fastest pages on your site, you can address the slowest. These lagging pages may be standing between you and consumer engagement

Speed is an essential factor when it comes to Google’s ranking algorithms.

Slower pages are flagged as potentially outdated and thereby irrelevant. The online community demands convenience at their fingertips, so Google is rightfully serving up what the people want. 

When a business ranks in the first organic position of a Google search, their average click-through rate on desktop computers is 34.36%. In other words, if someone searches for [your type of business] plus [name of your city] and you appear at the top of Google’s results, then there is greater than a one in three chance that users are immediately visiting your website. Imagine if one-third of all foot traffic stopped in to your store. You would join the Fortune 500 in no time!

Let’s Chat About Mobile Sales

Big business is serving up a large pie of prosperity due to e-commerce. Of the aforementioned $3.45 trillion of annual online sales, 67% of that will be conducted on mobile devices by the year 2021. Smartphone consumers are calling… are you ready to answer?

GrowthMed can help you strategize your approach to mobile sales, optimize your overall digital presence, and do it all with style! Speaking of style…

Do You Speak WebP? We Do!

The fastest way to connect with an audience is visually. Approximately 60% of the content on the world wide web consists of images. Businesses must show their wares to the public if they want to eventually sell those products.

growthmed WebP

So, are you ready to shine the proverbial spotlight on your inventory? Online pictures and videos must be optimized for the internet, or else they will fall back into slow website territory. Google has developed WebP, an image format that increases quality while decreasing load times. By streamlining the compression process, WebP is delivering crisp imagery at a rapid rate.

GrowthMed has our finger on the pulse of innovations such as WebP and Google Speed reporting. By honing our expertise in the fields of client outreach, customer interception, and SEO dominance, we can rev up your revenue!

Feel the Need for Speed? GrowthMed Can Help!

If your website is stuck in the slow lane, it’s time for an upgrade. GrowthMed rebuilds sites from the ground up, then we take them higher than they have ever been before. Our clients consistently rank on the first page of their respective Google searches, due in large part to the meticulous ways in which we optimize their web presence. Speed enhancement technology is just one of the many tools in our vast toolbox. To learn more about what we can do to turbocharge your engagement, contact our team today!

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